Updated: 4 May 2006

Transcode your existing videofiles to the advanced Flash Video (FLV) format with this free Riva FLV Encoder.
After selecting a source-file you can easily transcode it into Flash Video using one of the presets or your custom settings.

At present you can transcode the following formats: AVI, MPEG, Quicktime, WMV.

Features of Riva FLV Encoder 2.0 :

- custom settings for audio- and video-encoding
- deinterlace
- image extraction
- FLV 1.1 (metadata)
- Custom colored borders (Padding)
- Crop parts of the video
- Cutting with a startoffset and a encode duration
- Drag-n-drop of video files directly on the encoder
- Audio parameter check
- language: english, french and german

Changes in Riva FLV Encoder 2.0 :

- supports exporting images from a video as JPEGs

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Riva FLV Encoder 2.0
on 17 July 2007, reviewed by:

Awesome! Worked just like my full official Macromedia Studio 8 FLV converter, only faster. I'd pay for this software.

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