RadLight MPC DirectShow Filter

Updated: 8 Jan 2005 | Freeware | 76.4KB | Downloads: 76704

RadLight MPC DirectShow Filter enables playback of MPC (MusePack) encoded files in RadLight, Winamp, Windows Media Player or other DirectShow based player.
Changes in RadLight MPC DirectShow Filter

Not available, yet!

Changes in RadLight MPC DirectShow Filter

- Fixed the incorrectly indicated duration bug.


RadLight MPC DirectShow Filter
on 17 August 2007, reviewed by: Pierre Atmadjian


Spybot-S&D report it as a component of Zlob.VideoCodec2007 (for audio computing ?) Well, I canceled installation. Could you let me know is alert was pertinent? I'll check at Safet Networking if it's a true or false positive detection.

Administrator's Note: Obviously, it's a false positive...


RadLight MPC DirectShow Filter
on 01 July 2006, reviewed by: Marlon


Works great! Nice overall performance, with a fast-simple installation process.

Thanks a lot for your work, it is much appreciated,

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Musepack Encoder and Decoder: audio compression format with a strong emphasis on high quality.

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