REALmagic MPEG-4 Video Codec 1.1

Updated: 9 Aug 2004

Sigma Designs' REALmagic MPEG-4 Video Codec enables the creation of high-quality ISO-compliant MPEG-4 video bitstreams.
As a standard Video for Windows (VfW) codec, your favorite VfW applications, such as Adobe Premiere or Ulead VideoStudio, can now be used to create your own content using the latest compression technology.

In addition to producing high-quality video, MPEG-4 compresses much better than MPEG-2, reducing your file sizes and enabling up to 2 hours of content to be stored on a standard CD.

Key Features of REALmagic MPEG-4 Video Codec :

- ISO MPEG-4 Advanced Simple Profile
- Supports B-Frames for reduced file sizes
- Provides Adaptive Quantization for optimized video quality
- Includes Intelligent Deinterlacing for interlaced to progressive scan conversion
- Supports VBR (variable bit rate) or CBR (constant bit rate) operation
- Supports resolutions up to 720 x 576

Important Note:

- REALmagic MPEG-4 Video Codec seems to have no uninstall option.

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REALmagic MPEG-4 Video Codec 1.1
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