Nero DiscSpeed 7.0.2

Updated: 1 Mar 2014 | Freeware | 32MB | Downloads: 79658

Nero DiscSpeed is an excellent easy-to-use benchmarking tool for testing the operational capabilities of a recorder.
As multi-functional tool, Nero DiscSpeed also works for testing the speed of your CD/DVD disc drive as well as testing and benchmarking blanks and burned discs. It can be configured to run according to your desired results. Results can be viewed either as a graph or as a test log.

Features of Nero DiscSpeed 7.0:

- Basic and advanced drive/media tests
- Bit setting function (book type change)
- Supports all common disc formats
- Creates special test discs (data and audio)
- Graphical display of results, test protocols, and easy import/export function
- Industry standard benchmarking tool for CD, DVD, and BD drives
- Graphs transfer rate, CPU usage, and buffer status while creating a disc
- Simple screen capture

Basic Tests Included:

- CPU usage
- Burst rate
- Seek/access times
- Load/eject times
- Spin-up/spin-down times
- DAE speed/quality test
- Quick scan option for quality tests
- Transfer rate test (read and write)

Advanced Tests Included:

- Overburning test
- Advanced DAE test (detailed analysis)
- Disc quality test (C1/C2 and PI/PO/jitter and LDC/BIS)
- ScanDisc function (file test and surface scan)
- CD/DVD/BD media manufacturer information
- Reading mode detection (CAV, CLV, P-CAV, Z-CLV)
- The quality of each track (Audio CD), chapter (DVD-Video), or file (data disc) is shown

Information Provided:

- Copy-protection
- Status of disc
- Manufacturer’s name
- Binary data and raw data
- Number of available layers on the disc
- Disc and book type of the disc in the drive
- Media Identification Mode (MID) that identifies the disc
- All possible write/burning speeds for discs in the drive
- Disc capacity in both MSF(minutes/seconds/frames) and MB
- Intended use of a disc (audio, data, etc.)

Changes in Nero DiscSpeed

- Added tooltips
- Many small improvements and bug fixes


Nero DiscSpeed
on 25 April 2008, reviewed by: david lee


enjoy using this program ez to use

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