Updated: 7 Jul 2010

Muxman is a freeware DVD multiplexer. The most important component of any DVD authoring system is its multiplexing engine. It should be flawless, and well tested. This is the goal of my very simple first authoring program, Muxman.
The product of Muxman is virtually identical to that of Scenarist, and far superior to any mplex based authoring program.

Currently Muxman produces a working single title DVD from DVD compliant elementary streams. Input may be:
Video: - Any DVD compliant mpeg-1 or mpeg-2 or bmp.
Audio: - AC3: 48K sampling rate, any bitrate, any channel configuration.
- DTS: 48K sampling rate, 768Kbps or 1536Kbps, 5.1 channels.
mpeg-1 layer II 48K sampling rate, 1 or 2 channels, any bitrate, or 3 to 6 channels with extension.
- LPCM: 48K or 96K sampling rate, 16/20/24-bit 1 to 8 channels as allowed.
Subpictures: - IfoEdit format .sup files or Scenarist format .sst files.
Chaptering: - Simple text file with frame numbers may be imported at this time.

This is only the beginning. The multiplexing engine, dubbed "MME" for MPUCoder's Multiplexing Engine, was written from the ground up to work with multiple angles as well as properly handle mpeg-2 pulldown. This means multiple angles and multiple stories (true seamless branching) are possible without altering the engine. Of course to achieve that the engine needs to be driven properly, but the capability is there.

Also in the works is the ability to add or remove extra information in the video itself. This includes NTSC closed captioning, Pan & Scan data, and even pulldown extracted from another video. This last item will end the agony of re-encoding hybrid (both film and camera) material.

Changes in Muxman 0.16.8 :

- Fixed: mpeg-2 encoder maximum encoded size too high resulting in buffer underrun.
• Muxman 0.16.7
- Fixed: crash when encoding 2 bmp consecutively if second shorter than first
- Added: JACKET_P creation Help menu item

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