Updated: 1 Jun 2010

Moyea FLV Player is currently the professional and popular application software for playing back and controlling FLV (YouTube videos) files from your desktop as well as from the Internet.
Moyea FLV Player can be used standalone, without the need of the Flash authoring tools or Flash development tools, allowing you to display and preview your FLV files in a more controlled way with ease and to a broader audience than with Quicktime, Windows Media and Real Media, etc.

Standard playback controls are included in Moyea FLV Player and the program can be optionally associated with FLV files, so you can just double-click the icon to open the FLV file from Windows Explorer easily than before.

With Moyea FLV Player, you have the access to experiencing refreshing playback of FLV files offline!

Features of Moyea FLV Player 2.0:

- MP4 and M4V files are all supported by FLV Player now
- Support F4V and various kinds of FLV file types including H.264, Sorenson Spark (H.263), On2 VP6 and Nellymoser.
- Support both URL and local FLV files.
- Support full screen mode playing.
- Playlist and favorite management for handy file arrangement.
- Stable playback with no audio distortion or video stuck.
- Quick thumbnail picture capturing, and screen saving.
- Bonus: FLV Downloader option for recording and downloading all kinds of FLV (Flash Video) files from YouTube, Google Video, MySpace and more.
- Simple interface and traditional menu arrangement for easy manipulation.

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Moyea FLV Player
on 19 July 2011, reviewed by:

Love it! Best out there!


Moyea FLV Player
on 06 June 2010, reviewed by:

this is the best one i've ever tried!!!!

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