This codec is intended for lossless video compression (used for saving master copies or intermediate rendering results).
In the configuration dialog you can choose on of the codec's work modes differing by compression ratio and information loss:

- Low compression - absolutely lossless mode: the data in RGB format after decompression is bitwise equal to the source data. This mode has the smallest compression ratio.
- Medium compression - works in YUY2 color space. It means if you had some video in one of 16-bit YUV formats (in most cases it is so) then after decompression the data is equal to the source. And if the source data were in 24-bit RGB, then you loose on RGB to YUV conversion. This mode has much better compression ratio.
Also the codec has so called "visually lossless" modes. It means these modes allow some information losses that are visually unnoticeable giving you compression ratio boost. This is done by denosing, so all you really loose is the noise. In many cases image quality increases.
- Good compression - differs from the "Medium compression" by having a slight denoising. Visually image stays the same but compression improves.
- High compression - differs from the previous one by stronger denoising. Visually image quality doesn't get worse (in most cases it gets better) and the compression ratio grows further.
- Custom - this mode allows to set the denosing parameters to get wanted compression/quality ratio. Parameters are set in a separate window called by the "Advanced" button:
--Temporal denoising treshold controls the temporal part of denoising. Must be a positive integer number. The "Good compression" mode has this parameter set to 30, the "High compression" mode - 50.
--Spatial denosing intensity controls the spatial part of denoising. Must be a positive real number. The "Good compression" mode has this parameter set to 4, the High one - 20.
When compressing interlaced sequences you can turn on the Compressing interlaced movie option. In some cases it improves compression.

Changes in MSU Lossless Video Codec 0.6.0 :

- New compression algorithm implemented. Compression speed increased 1.5-2 times, decompression speed increased 2-2.5 times!
- New interface: more simple and clear.
- Can decompress files created by 0.5.x version, can compress with the old algorithm also.

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