Updated: 2 Jun 2004

MPC Batch Encoder is a Windows frontend for the MusePack Encoder and Decoder, for Tag and for ReplayGain.
MPC Batch Encoder is a non-enclosed frontend: it doesn't enclose the encoder.

The only thing it does after you hit the Go button, is create and launch a batch file.

You can see the MPC encoder doing it's great job in a DOS-box.

If you get an error when you try to run MPC Batch Encoder you need one (or maybe both) of the following files, depending on the error message:
Visual Basic 6 Runtime files

Changes from MPC Batch Encoder 2.3 to MPC Batch Encoder 2.3.1:

- Fixed a bug that made the 'Output directory' frame of the decoder visible directly after starting the frontend (while the encoder 'Output directory' frame should be visible). Please update if you have version 2.3.

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RadLight MPC DirectShow Filter: enables playback of MPC (MusePack) encoded files in RadLight, Winamp, Windows Media Player or other DirectShow based player.

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