MADFilter is a DirectShow MPEG Audio decoder filter, which can be used to decode MPEG audio to PCM WAVE format.
It can be used for instance as a replacement of the Fraunhofer filter, which is installed on most Windows systems.

Changes in MADFilter

- fixed bug caused by mono files
- added support for non-iso conform mpeg layer2 files (thanks to S_O)
- some internal changes (cleaning up/date, time and version number is now updated automatically)

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Print MADFilter and Winamp MAD Plug-in

Winamp MAD Plug-in: replaces the MPEG audio decoder functionality that comes with Winamp to provide superior sound for MP3 and other MPEG audio files. It supports output resolutions from 8 to 32 bits.


on 20 May 2007, reviewed by:

It is the best of best audio decoders at all


on 25 August 2005, reviewed by:

I do think MAD MP3 is the best audio mp3 decoder filter in the world! Needs lesser than less computunal ...

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