Intel Codec Installer 1.0

Updated: 3 Jun 2005 | Freeware | 1.77MB | Downloads: 107935

Intel Codec Installer provides the Codecs (COmpression/DECompression) - including the I263 codec - necessary to properly play electronic postcards and video.
Intel Codec Installer will install the following codecs on your system:

- I263_32.DRV
- IAC25_32.AX
- IR41_32.AX
- IR50_32.DLL

It can be used with the following products:

- Intel Pocket Digital PC Camera
- Intel Pro Video PC Camera
- Intel Home PC Camera
- Intel Easy PC Camera
- Intel Pocket PC Camera
- Intel Pro PC Camera
- Intel Deluxe PC Camera
- Intel PC Camera Pro Pack
- Intel PC Camera Pack
- Intel Create & Share Camera Pack

This file contains the codecs - including the i263 codec - necessary to properly play Intel Email postcards, Pictureworks NetCard electronic postcards, Video clips created with Intel Scene Recorder and Intel Record Video.

Important Note:

- Functionality may be limited on OSes other than Windows XP.

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