InfraRecorder 0.53

Updated: 2 Sep 2012 | Freeware | 3.95MB | Downloads: 38477

InfraRecorder is a free CD/DVD burning solution which offers a wide range of powerful features; all through an easy to use application interface and Windows Explorer integration.
Features of InfraRecorder 0.53:

- Create custom data, audio and mixed-mode projects and record them to physical discs as well as disc images.
- Supports recording to dual-layer DVDs.
- Blank (erase) rewritable discs using four different methods.
- Record disc images (ISO and BIN/CUE).
- Fixate discs (write lead-out information to prevent further data from being added to the disc).
- Scan the SCSI/IDE bus for devices and collect information about their capabilities.
- Create disc copies, on the fly and using a temporary disc image.
- Import session data from multi-session discs and add more sessions to them.
- Display disc information.
- Save audio and data tracks to files (.wav, .wma, .ogg, .mp3 and .iso).

Important Note:

- The InfraRecorder installation package does not include the plug-in needed to encode MP3-files due to patent license restrictions. This does not affect all countries. Visit download page to download the binaries.

Changes in InfraRecorder 0.53:

- Fixed write speed detection issue.
- Fixed bug where maximum write speed would be used instead of the selected one when burning DVDs.
- Fixed bug in creation of UDF and ISO9660 file systems containing many files and folders.
- Relaxed ISO9660 duplicate file naming algorithm.
- Added support for non-standard character sets in ISO9660 file systems.
- Various minor GUI changes.
- The space meter will now automatically adjust if a blank DVD is inserted.


InfraRecorder 0.50
on 23 January 2010, reviewed by: DimeStar


what you see is what you get a small piece of DIME stars CD/DVD burner THAT WORKS... stick to your day job @ beast buy coastMer no.service lol


InfraRecorder 0.50
on 21 August 2009, reviewed by: Anon


0.46 is my choice burner. Brill with not even the one coaster.

However, 0.50 update nigh on effed my drive.

I normally write at 6x. No matter it tries to write at 22x and all hell lets loose. The DVD Disk option is a non-worker.

4 coasters later I gave up with 0.50

I run XP on a stable system with 15 years PC experience. LG Writer.

I'll stick to 0.46. Which is FAB as Hell


InfraRecorder 0.44.1
on 04 December 2007, reviewed by: Parote


Excellent small CD/DVD burner that does everything you want (i.e. burns CDs and DVDs) without any of the bloat - why the hell does Nero have to package in a goshdarn media server, media player, media encoder etc etc with its burner?

Go for it.

Print InfraRecorder

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