IFOEdit 0.971

Updated: 26 Nov 2004 | Freeware | 485KB | Downloads: 216019

IFOEdit allows you to strip audio and subtitle streams you don't need, to get rid of certain menus and extras but still preserve the general DVD structure.
So for instance you could get rid of the annoying FBI warning, delete audio streams you will never use, and bring the size of the movie down to a point where you can burn it onto a recordable DVD media. And if all the stripping doesn't help you can always re-encode the video and simply replace the video stream the DVD has with a lower bitrate one.

IfoEdit also allows advanced changes to the .ifo files (which contain the "logic" behind DVD playback) to edit out region codes, RCE protection, change menu links, etc.

Changes in IfoEdit 0.971 :

- fixed: NTSC authoring problems (2).
- added: Programs in PGCs can be added now even if there's no program present already.
- added: empty PGCs can be added now to VTS_PGCITI
- fixed: In VOB Extras, the 'Remove Angle' option was always greyed out under XP.


IFOEdit 0.971
on 29 December 2007, reviewed by: learner


This may be an advance program that is flexible to do most essential things of img, iso files. But I still have had time to figure out the sequences of doing things and purposes of removing options could do the output DVD.

I cannot figure it out how to bun an IMG file to a DVD from this progam.

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PgcEdit: allows modification of the navigation commands and parameters of an already authored DVD structure.

VobEdit: tool for joining, cutting, de-multiplexing DVD VOB files.

VobBlanker: is a tool able to blank, replace, cut and strip titles, more specifically, program chains.

vStrip: is a VOB de-multiplexing tool, splitter and some other functions that work on VOB/IFO files.

MenuShrink: is a small application that lets you compress DVD motion menus by turning them into still menus with or without audio.

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