Updated: 4 May 2004

HuffYUV is a very fast, lossless Win32 video codec. "Lossless" means that the output from the decompressor is bit-for-bit identical with the original input to the compressor.
HuffYUV is intended to replace uncompressed YUV as a video capture format.

It is fast enough to compress full-resolution CCIR 601 video (720 x 480 x 30fps) in real time as it's captured on my machine.

HuffYUV also supports lossless compression of RGB data, so it can be used for the output of programs like VirtualDub.

Changes in HuffYUV 2.2.0 :

- Added "Reduced resolution". This will save your file in HALF the orginal resolution, and upscale the video on the fly. Lossy, but very fast!
- HuffYUV is now storing interlaced mode in the AVI-file. Now interlaced files are properly decoded!
- Added MMX optimized YUV -> RGB conversion routines.
- HuffYUV will now suggest to store RGB32 (RGB with alpha), even if it is disabled. Alpha information will however be removed when on.
- HuffYUV should now support all resolutions flawlessly. Do however not that it is not recommended to use a resolution that isn't divideable by 8, when using Reduced Resolution, and YUY2 naturally must med divideable by 2.
- Minor General speedup of some internal routines. Should be a bit faster than older versions.

Changes in HuffYUV 2.1.1 :

- Huffyuv 2.0 and 2.1 crashed when used with Premiere because Premiere sometimes calls ICDecompress without first calling ICDecompressBegin, in blatant violation of the spec. (At least, I think it's in violation of the spec; the spec is not wonderfully clear.) Version 2.1.1 now makes the missing call on Premiere's behalf.
- If MSP6 tells you that you should "convert your clip to 24-bit," try recompressing it with Huffyuv 2.1.1. Since YUY2 uses 16 bits per pixel, Huffyuv-compressed YUY2 used to use a value of 16 in the biBitCount field. But both Premiere and MSP6 seem to think this has something to do with 16-bit RGB. As of version 2.1.1 Huffyuv puts 24 in this field to make them happy, and stores the actual value elsewhere.
- This version has a new .INF file which supports uninstalling, courtesy of Ondrej Zary / Rainbow Software.

How to install HuffYUV codec:

- Uncompress the files from huffyuv_220.zip archive, right-click on the huffyuv.inf file and select Install.
- You can delete the files in the temporary directory after the installation completes (which takes only a fraction of a second). There should be no need to reboot.

Important Note:

- One of our visitors reported bugs in HuffYUV 2.2.0: The new version 2.2.0 is one big bug. It just does not work at all. Opening the resulting AVI file always crashes Windows Explorer... It may work on some peopls PC's but not on mine (Win XP) and a lot of other people don't use the newer version either because it doesn't work.

Report it!
Print HuffYUV

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HuffYUV 2.2.0
on 14 February 2013, reviewed by:

Can original huffyuv decode ffdshow huffyuv? (I have problems with out of sync using avisynth+ffdshow huffyuv)


HuffYUV 2.2.0
on 10 May 2011, reviewed by:

Hi, It run great with XP, but... how to install it or, how to know if it's installed (in Seven ...

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