Gvi2Avi 1.2.0

Updated: 25 Aug 2006

Gvi2Avi converts Google video files (.gvi) into normal AVI files.
The Google .gvi files are just normal RIFF AVI files, with an extra list with the FOURCC 'GOOG' immediately following the header."

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Google Video Player: lets you watch videos from Google Video Search right on your desktop.

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Gvi2Avi 1.2.0
on 02 August 2008, reviewed by: Sue Folkringa

I used this convertor on a single gvi file and it worked as advertised. My goal was to get the ...


Gvi2Avi 1.2.0
on 18 February 2008, reviewed by: Jim Henderson

I used this program to convert three files, two of the three would not work at all, the Video Player ...

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