Fraunhofer IIS MP3 Surround Player plays MP3 Surround files with and w/o MP3 Stereo eXtended (MP3 SX) technology as well as standard MP3 stereo files on your multichannel soundcard. MP3 Surround and stereo files can be rendered for headphone reproductionwith the mp3D technology.
This evaluation software is for personal and non-commercial use and intended to demonstrate the MP3 Surround technology available at Fraunhofer IIS. MP3 Surround provides a multi-channel listening experience with a minimum of extra bitrate and maximum compatibility.

The package contains:

- MP3 Surround Commandline Encoder: converts 5.1 channel '.wav'-files to MP3 Surround files.
- MP3 Surround Graphical Encoder: has the same features and restrictions as the MP3 Surround Commandline Encoder.Additionally the MP3 Surround Graphical Encoder supports Multi-File-Encoding (which means that you can drop a selection of multichannel files for encoding at once).
- MP3 Surround Commandline Decoder: converts MP3 Surround files to 5.1 channel '.wav'-Files.
- MP3 Surround Realtime Player: plays MP3 Surround files and standard MP3 stereo files on your multichannel soundcard.
- MP3 Surround Decoder Dynamic Link Library (dll)
- MP3 Surround Development Kit (SDK)
- MP3 Surround Winamp Plugin (experimental)

Changes in Fraunhofer IIS MP3 Surround Player 3.0.2 :

- bugfix release
• Fraunhofer IIS MP3 Surround Player 3.0.1
• added mp3D stereo modes:
- The demoware player now supports three different presets when playing back tracks in mp3D stereo mode.
• Fraunhofer IIS MP3 Surround Player 3.0.0
• added mp3D technology:
- The demoware player now supports the new mp3D technology. It is used for playback via headphones in all situations as it replaces Ensonido in a superior way for decoding surround bitstreams and at the same time enhancing playback of stereo bitstreams.
- Enhanced Unicode filename support.
- Support for Windows Vista.

Important Notes :

- The use of the software is only allowed for personal and non-commercial purposes. For other use cases please contact THOMSON, the official MP3 licensing partner.
- The Fraunhofer IIS mp3 Surround software is free of any watermarking technology, related digital rights management or spyware system.

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Winamp Plugin Fraunhofer IIS MP3 Surround: enables Winamp to play MP3 Surround files and streams.

Aud-X surround codec: has been engineered as 5.1 channel surround sound CODEC, and is dedicated for the use with MPEG4 (Xvid/Divx) based movies.

THOMSON mp3PRO Decoder: allows to play mp3PRO files with full quality in Winamp.


Fraunhofer IIS MP3 Surround Player 3.0.2
on 07 May 2014, reviewed by:

an excellent player for the curious ear.

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