Elecard MPEG Layer III Audio Encoder 1.0.701

Updated: 12 Feb 2007

Elecard MPEG Layer III Audio Encoder provides software-only MPEG Layer III audio encoding solution. It is implemented as a Microsoft DirectShow filter and could be easily incorporated into your capture and network streaming applications.
Features of Elecard MPEG Layer III Audio Encoder:

- DirectShowR interface
- Property pages
- Open Source (GNU GPL)

Note: This is a development release, it can crash without warning, has memory leaks and can spoil your display (with movies you never wanted to see), and many things more - but it will not work as expected.

The code uses LAME 3.88 beta MPEG Layer III encoding engine. The original LAME code and filter code could be found at http://www.mp3dev.org and http://www.free-codecs.com

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