Elecard MPEG-2 Video Decoder and Streaming Pack is the package of Elecard components for media data de-multiplexing and decoding as well as receiving streaming video and decoding it.
MPEG-2 Video Decoder a.k.a. DVD decoder, streaming components, and demultiplexer comprised in the pack are Microsoft DirectShow compatible. Elecard MPEG-2 Decoder can process DVD Subpicture, Closed Captions (DVD, ATSC. DVS157, C-Cube, SCTE).

DXVA support in Elecard MPEG-2 Video Decoder significantly decreases CPU usage and provides substantial performance gains. Multi CPU support provides high performance for real time transcoding tasks executed on high-end PCs.

Elecard MPEG-2 Video Decoder is Windows XP Media Center Edition compatible. Install the pack to enable dvd video playback in multimedia players built on DirectShow (e.g., Windows Media Player).

Elecard MPEG-2 PlugIn for WMP supports the following media data formats:

• Video:
- MPEG-1 (ISO/IEC 11172-2)
- MPEG-2 (ISO/IEC 13818-7)
• Audio:
- MPEG-1 (ISO/IEC 11172-3) Layer I, II, and III
- MPEG-2 (ISO/IEC 13818-3)
- MPEG-2 (ISO/IEC 13818-3) extensions to lower sampling frequencies, including the unofficial MPEG-2.5 format
- LPCM (up to 7.1 / 24 bits / 96 kHz)

Features of Elecard Decoder Pack 5.0:

- Software-only MPEG-2 (ISO/IEC 13818-2) and MPEG-1 (ISO/IEC 11172-2) stream decoding
- High Profile@High Level decoding supports all MPEG-2 profiles/levels, excluding scalability extensions
- Full-resolution, full-quality decoding/playback (high precision arithmetic, IEEE 1180-1190 compliant IDCT, half-pel motion compensation)
- Optimized for the most efficient CPU usage - takes advantage of MMX™, SSE™, SSE2™, and 3DNow® extensions when available
- Special control interface - programmatic control of decoding quality and frame capture interface
- Software deinterlacing
- ATSC Streams Decoding - supports 18 ATSC formats
- High definition video decoding
- Optional double precision IDCT
- High performance - supports real-time high resolution video decoding (720x480 @ 30fps for NTSC, 720x576 @ 25fps for PAL and bit rate up to 15 Mbps) on Pentium II 500 MHz with a DirectX compatible video card that supports YUV overlay. Software only decoder for HD 1920x1080i on AMD64 3000+ 1,8 Ghz, Intel P4 3Ghz single CPU.
- Optimized for Hyper-Threading Technology, dual core and SMP systems
- DXVA hardware acceleration support
- Visual quality improving (HQ Upsample)
- Closed Captions decoding

Changes in Elecard MPEG-2 Video Decoder Pack 3.4 :

• Fixed bugs:
- Elecard License Control: Problem with components registration on East Asia localized Windows (Korean, Japan, China etc.).
• New components:
- Elecard Audio Decoder

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Elecard MPEG-2 Video Decoder Pack 4.1
on 05 May 2011, reviewed by:

Yes I installed this to play an UMD iso video (.MPS extension, it says MPEG MEDIA) The video's working now, ...


Elecard MPEG-2 Video Decoder Pack 4.1
on 14 April 2011, reviewed by:

I installed it but when I play the movie there's no sound :(

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