EMDB 2.03

Updated: 16 Mar 2014 | Freeware | 2MB | Downloads: 35018

EMDB is a small utility to keep track of your DVD collection. EMDB has an automatic import function from IMDB database, export to csv, text or complete website, thumbnail cover preview, a loan tracker, search function and multi-language user interface.
EMDB is available in several languages:

- English, Dutch, Danish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Slovak, Spanish, Hungarian Croatian, Swedish, Greek, Catalan, Czech, Norwegian, Japanese, French, Finnish, Polish, Russian, Turkish, Chinese, Serbian and Slovenian translations are included in the setup.

Changes in EMDB 2.03:

- User Interface: fixed an issue where in some cases all movies were displayed as BluRay.
- System: fixed an issue in detecting new versions at startup.
- User interface: fixed displaying of fixed numbering.
- TVSeries: Added support for relative paths when assigning media files to individual episodes.
- TVSeries: Add support for changing the Basedir via the Database Options page.
- TVSeries: added options to use the Thumbnail and PlotOutline from TheTBDb.org as main Thumbnail and PlotOutline.
- Export / Print: Added Group Name and Cover Path to the fields to export or print.
- IMDB Import: Significally improved the way the English, Original and Localized titles are retrieved from IMDb (also if you live outside the US but want the English titles).
- User Interface: The IMDb number in the Edit movie screen can now be edited / cleared.
- Database: Added language properties for 'Bulgarian', 'Estonian', 'Georgian', 'Macedonian', 'Ukranian' and 'Vietnamese'.
- Translations: Updated the Romanian and Dutch translations.


EMDB 0.49
on 13 October 2007, reviewed by: phrozEnLITE


EMDB (Eric's Movie Database) v.49

EMDB is a good freeware program for cataloging your movies (DVD'S,VHS etc). The interface is clean and well layed out and the controls are simple to use.

It can import movie information and cover thumbnails from IMDB (Internet Movie Database) and includes options for some user added info. While the program was developed for XP, it seems to be fairly compatable with Windows Vista.

If your looking for a simple method to keep track of your movie's this works just fine.It will be interesting to see how this program will develop over time.

Easy to use, Able to print the database list, exports the list as text or a comma seperated file, Able to generate a html page of your database, Fair sorting and search function,Author listens to bug reports/suggestions and is quick to update.

No instruction sheet, while the controls are simple and can be quickly figured out, some option's might not be as obvious so some users. Also a list of what files are installed and where they should be located would be nice.

Some minor bugs/glitches mostly with importing & exporting and with where files are stored, this maybe do to some compatablity problem with Vista. The author seem's so be clearing those up quickly as they are reported.


EMDB 0.33
on 21 September 2006, reviewed by: apul


Great, an update! :D


EMDB 0.32
on 21 August 2006, reviewed by: apul


Very small, can make it portable, it's very fast with IMDb. I love it. And it's free! :)

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