Updated: 9 Sep 2004

We're excited to announce the official release of DivX 10!

The most advanced version of DivX video compression technology, the DivX Pro codec includes a suite of powerful encoding tools enabling the highest levels of visual quality, compression and control.
DivX Pro plugs into your video software to produce high-quality movies (at one-tenth the size of a DVD) for viewing on your PC or, with DivX Certified DVD players, right on your TV.

The DivX Pro codec enables the production of studio-quality video previously only available with expensive professional video editing applications. Some features exclusive to DivX Pro include:
Electrokompressiongraph (EKG) - Modeled after the tools used by Hollywood to master DVD video, the EKG is an advanced encoding utility offering unparalleled precision and control to refine visual quality to the highest level.
Encoder Feedback Window - This exclusive feedback mode lets you modify advanced parameters and visualize results in real-time.
Psychovisual Modeling - This advanced methodology exploits the peculiarities of the human eye to enhance fine details of complex visual scenes without increasing file size.
Crop and Resize - This built-in feature boosts visual quality at lower resolutions or bitrates by adjusting video dimensions and removing black bars.
Source Preprocessing - It automatically cleans source video to enable better compression and higher visual quality.
Adaptive Bi-directional Frames - Intelligent B-frame selection enables smaller file sizes and higher quality.

The inclusion of the DivX Player in the DivX Pro bundle lets you play all DivX video ever created, including DivX 3, DivX 4, DivX 5 and the growing library of DivX VOD titles. The DivX Pro codec also adds DivX video playback support to most popular media players.

DivX Pro offers DivX Certified encoding profiles optimized for High Definition, Home Theater, Portable, and Handheld devices. Match the DivX Certified logo on your device to the logo in the DivX Pro encoder to create DivX movies on your PC that you can enjoy on your TV and on the go - only where you see the DivX Certified logo.

Changes from DivX Pro 5.2 to DivX Pro 5.2.1 :

- Installer option to enable generic MPEG-4 playback component
- Support for Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2
- Includes DivX Player 2.5.5
- The update application to allow update checks when system locale is not supported
- The registration application to notify the user when they are already registered
Fixed (Encoder):
- A long pause which occurred after opening the codec configuration dialog
- A 1-pixel vertical wobble when de-interlacing source
- An issue where the codec could forget its 'registered' or '6 month trial' status
- A glitch where Pro features were still selectable, but unusable after trial expired
- The trial expired message to show every time a trials expires
Fixed (Decoder):
- A rare crash that occurred with some types of content
- Black distortions which appeared during playback
- An issue where blocks were skipped when video contained multiple consecutive B-frames
- A stall that occurred with some media players during DivX playback or on exit
- An issue causing Explorer to run slowly when showing thumbnails of DivX files
- The Japanese Decoder Configuration to no longer show corrupt text

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DivX Player: the DivX Player is the official playback application from the creators of DivX video.

DivX Free: the best and the most used codec in the world!

DivX Media Format Filters: enable playback of DivX Media Format (.divx) files with advanced features in popular media players.

DivX Subtitle Displayer: a program that can display subtitles while playing DivX movies.

DivX AntiFreeze: Sometimes video clips contain invalid frames that cause Media Player to freeze the image. DivX AntiFreeze avoids such freezings.

DivFix: was created to be able to watch partially downloaded DivX (AVI) movies.

Dr. DivX: lets you create an awesome DivX video from almost any source.

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