Updated: 28 Nov 2010

DVDAuthorGUI is a simple frontend for the dvdauthor - a program that will generate a DVD movie from a valid mpeg2 stream that should play when you put it in a DVD player - project. The GUI is meant to be an easy means to create a basic DVD.
Features of DVDAuthorGUI:

- multiple titles (pgc)
- multiple titleset menus (still and motion)
- m2v still creation
- chapters
- subtitles
- multiple audio streams
- basic navigation commands
- iso creation

Projects used by DVDAuthorGUI are:

- dvdauthor, spumux (dvdauthor 0.6.13)
- mplex, jpeg2yuv, mpeg2enc (mjpegtools 1.6.2)
- gm (GraphicsMagick 1.0.4)
- mkisofs (mkisofs 2.01a20-cdrtools)

Changes in DVDAuthorGUI 1.027 :

- Small bug fixed related to using ffmpeg to multiplex menus, but not multiplexing the main titles.
- When installing ffmpeg, the GUI will open the bin directory for you.

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GUI for dvdauthor: was written primarily to get captured television broadcasts comfortably into a DVD...

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