Updated: 11 May 2014

DSF/MFT Viewer is a DirectShow Filter (DSF) and Media Foundation Transorm (MFT) Viewer able to display various information about splitters, filters, decoders, etc installed on computer.
DirectShow provides a set of default filters in Windows. These filters support many data formats while providing a high degree of hardware independence. An application can also register and install custom filters on the target system.

Media Foundation transforms (MFTs) provide a generic model for processing media data. MFTs are used for decoders, encoders, and digital signal processors (DSPs). In short, anything that sits in the media pipleine between the media source and the media sink is an MFT.

DSF/MFT Viewer displays detailed information on the right side of main window and allows you to register or unregister the files.

In addition, the meaning of the numbers that appear in front of the name is as follows:

1. 32: DSF / MFT 32bit applications
2. 64: DSF / MFT 64bit applications
3. 3264: DSF / MFT available from both the 32bit and 64bit

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DirectShow Filter Manager: helps you to list, sort, find, add or remove DirectShow filters.

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