Updated: 17 Feb 2007

The DC-Graphic EQ Filter is a 31-Band Graphic Equalizer for MS DirectShow. The Frequencytable is a slightly modified ISO Table to prevent Overlapping.
The Filter will work on 8, 16, 24, 32 Bit Integer as well as on 32 Bit Float. The Internal DSP is done in 32 Bit Floatingpoint and is optimized using SSE and SSE3 instructions.

The Filter is also setup to connect to SPDIF and DTS Types in case you are playing around with AC3 Filter. This will prevent the typical "cannot connect Pins" Error. However, in DTS/SPDIF Mode, the Audiodata will be bypassed and not modified.

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DC-Graphic EQ Filter 1.10
on 08 January 2014, reviewed by:

Only works on 32-bit OS, failed to load or crashed mpc-hc on Win7 and Win8 64-bit.


DC-Graphic EQ Filter 1.10
on 15 October 2008, reviewed by:


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