Updated: 19 Jul 2006

Convolver is a DSP Audio convolution plug-in for Windows Media Player or any application that accepts DMOs or DirectShow filters. Passes what is being played back through a user-provided FIR (Finite Impulse Response) filter (to provide room-corrected sound, for example).
It will take a set of single-channel impulse response files and convolve them with the input stream.

Why would you want to do this? With a suitable impulse response generated by a tool such as DRC you will be able to play sound corrected for your room response.

You will also be able to generate cross-overs, equalizers and other tools that require the source signal to be filtered and redirected to different output channels.

How to install Convolver 4.4:

1. Run Setup.exe to install the installation package version.
2. In Windows Media Player (10, it wasn't tested with earlier versions), select Tools > Plug-ins > Options. On the Plug-ins tab, select Audio DSP.
3. Select Properties to configure the plug-in.
4. Select Get config ... and pick up your configuration file (config.txt). [The configuration file will be replaced by a user interface after further testing.]

Changes in Convolver 4.4:

- Added convolverPipe, which filters the standard input to the standard output (as opposed to convolverCMD, which filters files)

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