Cedocida DV Codec 0.2.3

Updated: 4 Oct 2012 | Freeware | 112KB | Downloads: 59625

Cedocida is an open source Video for Windows (VfW) DV-Type2-Codec.
Features of Cedocida DV Codec 0.2:

- supported formats for in- and output: RGB, YUY2, YV12 (PAL-DV / MPEG2-I / MPEG2-P)
- direct YUV-4:2:0 output when using "YV12 PAL-DV" option
- specifying allowed input and output formats

How to install Cedocida DV Codec:

- right click on "cedocida.inf" and select install (caution, your actual DV-Codec will be replaced by this one)

Changes in Cedocida DV Codec 0.2.3:

- added support for DVCPRO25 and DVCPRO50
- reworked VfW driver code
- fixed settings on Win7 x64

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