Avid Quicktime Codecs Light Edition 2.3.9

Updated: 3 Oct 2013

Avid Codecs Light Edition allow systems to encode and decode QuickTime movies and references using Avid codecs.
You can use this installer to install Avid codecs on systems that do not have an Avid editing application installed.

The Avid Quicktime Codecs LE 1.2.0 installer will install the following codecs in the Windows System32 folder for system wide use:

- AvidAV1xCodec.qtx: Avid 1:1x codec (Uncompressed MXF 8-bit)
- AvidAVd1Codec.qtx: Avid DV 100 codec (MXF)
- AvidAVdnCodec.qtx: Avid DNxHD codec (MXF)
- AvidAVdvCodec.qtx: Avid DV codec(DV 25 and DV 50, OMF and MXF)
- AvidAVpkCodec.qtx: Avid Packed codec (Uncompressed MXF 10-bit)
- AvidQTAVJICodec.qtx: Avid Meridien Compressed codec (OMF 8-bit)
- AvidQTAVUICodec.qtx: Avid Meridien Uncompressed codec (OMF 8-bit)

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MediaLooks QuickTime DirectShow Source Filter: allows you to playback Apple QuickTime media (.MOV, .AMR, .MP4, etc.) via the native QuickTime runtime.

Avid AVI CoDec: allows for uncompressed as well as various levels of compressed.

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