Avid AVI CoDec 2.0d2

Updated: 16 Jul 2004

A rather strange codec, it allows for uncompressed as well as various levels of compressed. Compressed is expressed through ratios rather than percentages or data rates (a common method within Avid products and high-end video, but rarely found elsewhere).
I've gotten some strange playback errors using uncompressed, and the compressed options are not efficient enough for this codec to be used as a delivery option.

Best not to use unless you are transferring material to or from an Avid system, and even then there are better codecs to use.

Avid Quicktime Codecs: a downloadable installer that includes the Avid QuickTime codecs.

Avi Splitter: is a replacement for DirectShow's default avi splitter.

AVI Codec Pack: is a collection of codecs provided by Streaming Media Tech.

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