AsfBin is an interesting utility for cutting out fragments, joining, editing and repairing ASF files (also those with WMV and WMA extensions).
Precision, speed and the maximum fidelity were the top priorities in desing of the AsfBin software. Not to mention, of course, reliabilty of this tool.

The whole operation is performed without recompression of the whole file.

On a user demand, only a couple of first samples may be recompressed to give the ultimate precision in cutting.

Because of that, the video quality is not degraded and the resulting file remains as unchanges as possible.

In the previous versions of the result of an operation was always one media file. But since version 1.5 a -sep option was introduced to allow a user to save each selected range to a separate file. Other unique feature is the ability to recreate key frames basing on progressive ones, thus allowing to cut the video at any desired time position. Because AsfBin do not rely on ASF file index, it can skip damaged area and repair the data stream starting from first good samples.

Features of AsfBin 1.8:

- cutting fragments out of all ASF files (*.asf, *.wmv...)
- cutting with the single frame accuracy
- precise file joining
- repairing damaged and/or unseekable ASF files (*)
- loseless processing
- creating loops
- ability to remove streams
- adjusting packet size
- adjusting buffer window
- ability to removing scripts, markers
- saving segments to a separate ASF files
- inverting selection, so you can easily point the fragment to be deleted
- adding markers and commands
- delaying selected streams (not necessarily audio streams)
- printing out information on key frames location and index entries
- control over the type of indexing
- cutting fragments adjusted precisely to key frames locations
- optimizing packet size
- debugging ASF files...
*) For all people who could not repair or process their asf files: If you tried all possible ways using AsfBin and the tool couldn't do what you needed, or it just simply crashed, go to the AsfBin Bugs section.

Changes in AsfBin 1.8.3:

- Added output file duration micro-corrections to make it more precise when joining multiple files together.
- All markers, scripts and attributes input files used to provide the list of data to embed in the resulting output file now can handle correctly UTF-8 text files allowing using any languages like Japanese or Arabic. Escape characters may be now used. IMPORTANT! To get '\' into ASF file you need to escape it by doubling it ('\\').
- AsfBin can fix files that were having incorrect entries in the metadata object preventing it from playing by major video players like VLC or Media Player Classic.
• AsfBin 1.8.2:
- Corrected issue with processing large files having script command stream. Asfbin was running out of memory in these cases (for files >2GB).
- Corrected codec initialization function when joining two segments and the first segment does not have samples in a stream for which we are initializing a codec.

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Steeper: enables you to repair, modify, join and cut out fragments from ASF and WMV files.

Advanced WMA Workshop: allows you to encode WAV and MP3 files to WMA 8 format with variety of format settings, decode WMA and MP3 files to WAV PCM.


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Works well, but the interface takes a while to get used to. Everything seems backwards to me. Anyway, for the ...


AsfBin 1.7.14
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This is a fantastic piece of software if you use wmv files in any way. It fixes defects and can ...

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