Updated: 11 Jun 2004

AVSGenie is a GUI for AviSynth. AVSGenie allows the user to select a filter from a drop down list or from a popup menu. An editable page of parameters will then be brought into view, with a guide to the filter and it's parameters.
A video preview window opens, showing "source" and "target" views.

The source window, in simple cases, shows output of the first line of the script, generally an opened video file. The target window shows the output of the whole script.

In this way, effects of filters can easily be seen. The line which represents the source window can be changed.

Changes from AVSGenie to AVSGenie

- Adding a Compare log analyser. All it does is load and parse the Compare log, and lists frames with parameters less than, more than or equal to a given threshold. The only advantage of doing this internally rather than externally is that you can then double click on the list to view the particular frame, rather than having to manually seek. My own reason for doing this is for scene change detection from my analogue camcorder captures, though it can be useful to check encodes, or find duplicate frames.
- Updated ShowSMPTE to reflect that it is now able to be parameterless.
- When using the crop window, clicking the Refresh button also refreshes the displayed frame number.
- Added GreedyHMA and PeachSmoother AVISynth 2.5x filters.
- Telecide5 compatability to b16.
- Added support for AudioGraph plugin.
- Updated Limiter to work with named parameters.
- Put FillMargins entry in Found Plugins table (oops).
- Added support for AudioGraph plugin.

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AVSEdit: The official script editor for AviSynth.

AvisynthEditor: an advanced AviSynth script editor.

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