AMCap 9.21

Updated: 26 Aug 2012

AMCap is a small yet fully functional video capture and preview application compatible with Microsoft DirectShow.
It is a program much like Microsoft VidCap but which adds support for DirectShow (formerly ActiveMovie, hence the name).

AMCap is based on the sample AMCap source code from the Microsoft DirectX 9 SDK.

Features of AMCap 9.21:

- still capture (Ctrl+L)
- quick video capture (Ctrl+C)
- support for compression (Windows Media 9 Series only)
- remember Video Input, Compression, Standard and Size settings from a previous session
- remember window position
- full screen mode (ALT+Enter)
- support for multi-monitor and deinterlacing [using VMR9] (DirectX 9.0+)
- caption bar and menu on/off (F11)
- always on top (F12)
- quick TV channel switching (if a tuner is present) and OSD

Changes in AMCap 9.21:

- improves Windows 7 compatibility.
- adds an option to render the audio stream to the overlay feature.
- transparent overlay movies can now play in a loop.
- adds Color Space to Still Capture Pin properties.
- adds new menu organization.
- improves multi-monitor support.
- maintenance build.

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AMCap 9.21
on 15 October 2012, reviewed by: Globomidia

Just what John said... fully functional that Noel´s ass. Only after down and install we find out the shut ...


AMCap 9.20
on 16 January 2010, reviewed by: John

I gave it a Bad rating because, the description before downloading the program; says that it is fully functional, except ...

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