Updated: 31 Jan 2012

delaycut corrects delay and is also able to cut audio files coded ac3, dts, mpa and wav.
Formats supported by delaycut 1.4:

- DTS, ac3 and eac3.
- MPA files (48kHz sampling frequency).
- Linear PCM (Wav) supported.

Important Note:

- AC3 Delay Corrector development was closed. The software was replaced with delaycut, a new tool with more interesting and useful features. Contact us if you still need the old AC3 Delay Corrector.

Changes in delaycut

- BugFix: Fix logic for checking valid inputtype when using CLI.
- BugFix: Fixed README and output of -help switch so the updated switches are shown properly.
- Added: Added support to specify delay/cut values in audio frames.
- Added: Added "-help" switch to display the options available from CLI.
- BugFix: Fixed so that delay field in GUI worked properly.
- BugFix: Fixed CLI parser for to detect new switches.

Changes in delaycut

- Fixed: Error in duration of Wav files

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AC3fix: corrects any bad frames within AC3 files.

AC3, AAC, OAG and OGG Machine pack: BeSweet front-ends wich allow encoding from AC3/MPA/MP2/MP3/VOB/AVI/WAV to AAC or OGG Vorbis, encoding & reencoding of AC3 files and more!


on 18 January 2008, reviewed by:

The only program I've found to completely fix errors in AC3 streams. The option to silence errors is particularly useful. ...


on 12 October 2006, reviewed by:


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