1by1 1.81

Updated: 9 Nov 2013

1by1 is a small, fast and handy audio player which is not only small: it provides a smart and versatile environment to handle your file collection and listen to your tracks - with no need for playlists or databases.
Features of 1by1 1.8:

- Directory Player: directly plays your folder contents
- Full Resume play: remembers last track and position
- Supported decoders: ACM (mp3), mpglib (mp2, mp3)
- Winamp 2.x input plugin support (ogg, wav, cd..)
- Gapless play; simple crossfading; Audio enhancer
- Folder tree file navigation; Directory finder: plays a whole drive
- File utils: copy, move, rename while play, delete, date change
- Cue sheet support; Playlist support; Favorites
- Folder compare utility; Rename tool; Big title display
- Audio scrobbling support; Unicode support
- Very small size; Low resource usage; portable

Changes in 1by1 1.81:

- Flat window style with adjustable color
- Optional white buttons and solid sliders
- List view flicker reducements
- Natural numerical ordering
- Big view config tab re-design
- Year, Album for info column
- Other improvements

mpglib.dll is an alternative decoding library for MPEG Layer III and Layer II if you don't use an MP3 ACM Codec or MP3 Plugin.

foobar2000: is an advanced audio player with minimalistic interface and low memory use, able to play a large number of formats.

GOM Audio: is a free audio player designed to make it simple to listen to CDs, MP3s, M4As, and other popular audio formats on your PC.

musikCube: is much more than an "mp3 player," it is a music "library." musikCube currently supports mp3, ogg, flac, ape, and cd audio file formats.

Media Player Classic: looks just like Windows Media Player 6.4, but has many additional features.


1by1 1.75
on 04 October 2011, reviewed by: John

This the most excellent, efficient mp3 library/player ever, but please please make a Windows 7 version ... (32 and 64 ...


1by1 1.72
on 25 March 2011, reviewed by: Alan

I searched for this kind of file player and tried most of them out there. I found that none of ...

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