With Moyea FLV Player you can play and control FLV videos from your desktop and from the Internet.
The main advantage of this application is being able to open FLV files without needing Flash development or authoring tools.

Moyea FLV Player looks and works pretty much like any other media player.

Files can be imported using the browser (this application lacks the drag and drop function).

Like in any other similar program, you can play and pause, adjust the volume, display the video in full screen mode or navigate back and forth within the track.

Moyea FLV Player also allows you to view information about FLV files, such as duration, codec, version, bitrate, frame rate, audio codec, channels, auto delay and sample frequency rate.

Playlist creation is also possible in Moyea FLV Player. Moreover, you don’t need a screen capture special program, as this application allows you to take screenshots and to save them in the most common image formats (BMP, JPEG, ICO, WMF and EMF).

Other options you can enjoy are setting Moyea FLV Player to be on top of other applications, loading files from the URL, viewing and clearing history.

The last version of the Moyea FLV Player was launched in 2010 and it featured several improvements, such as supporting MP4 and M4V files, downloading FLV videos from the Internet using the included FLV Downloader, playlist and favorite files management and offering support for different FLV file types (H.264, H.263, On2 VP6 etc.)

Compact and easy to use, this application is perfect for anyone looking to play and manage their FLV files trouble-free. No matter what level of experience you have, you will find it very easy to work with Moyea FLV Player.

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Moyea FLV Player
on 19 July 2011 , reviewed by:

Love it! Best out there!


Moyea FLV Player
on 06 June 2010 , reviewed by:

this is the best one i've ever tried!!!!

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