Updated: 24 Sep 2014

Helium Audio Joiner is a free, fully functioning, helper application that enables you to join multiple audio files into one single file.
It provides comprehensive support for a large range of source and destination formats: AAC, FLAC, M4A, M4B, MP3, MP4, MPC, Ogg Vorbis, Wave, WAVPack, WMA

Other features:

• To join files, you simply:

- Add files to the list and optionally reorder them
- Select the desired output format and optionally set encoder options
- Optionally fill in tag information for the resulting file in the Tag information pane on the right hand side. Note that some of these fields are autofilled when adding tracks
- Click Join files...

You can also select to automatically create a CUE file for the resulting file, by checkmarking the Create CUE file checkbox.

For FLAC and MP3 formats, you can also request that the output files be analysed and checked.

• There is a powerful inspection tool that shows the properties of the selected music file: An overview, detailed file and tag information and attached pictures.

Options can be set to specify how silence between tracks should be added or not and whether a warning should be given when joining lossless and lossy music files. (e.g. mixing MP3 and FLAC files)

• Helium Audio Joiner has the following language translations available: English, German, Spanish, Czech, Swedish, Portuguese, Hungarian and Japanese.

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Helium Audio Splitter: is a free, fully functioning, application that enables you to split one audio file into multiple tracks.

Helium Audio Converter: enables to convert your audio files into many different formats.


Helium Audio Joiner 1.5
on 21 January 2013, reviewed by:

Nice and easy to use, big variety of format support.


Helium Audio Joiner
on 31 March 2012, reviewed by:

I am disappointed in this product. Cons: 1) When you highlight the group of files you want to join and ...

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