Media Player Classic - BE
  Last update: 22 Mar 2023 | License: Freeware | Size: 13MB | Downloads: 705340
MPC-BE (aka Media Player Classic - Black Edition) is a free and open-source video and audio player for Windows, based on the original Media Player Classic (MPC) project, but with additional features and bug fixes.


It supports various audio, video and image formats without needing extra software or codecs.

Users benefit from an option for removing tearing, multi-monitor support, color management, On Screen Display info, and various pixel shaders.

MPC-BE is a feature-rich media player that offers improved support for Windows Vista, 7, 8, and 10, due to its 64-bit build.

It is available in 22 languages and can play and record television when a TV tuner is installed. It also supports most subtitle types and provides support for EVR/EVR CP.

In addition to the features that it shares with the MPC-HC version, MPC-BE includes several new ones.

For example, it includes support for opening CUE format files and displaying subtitles from stereoscopic pictures, and it has improved handling of AC3 packets and the ability to move subtitles during playback.

It also includes several bug fixes, such as the crash that occurred when users tried to search for a video decoded by the external decoder.

Despite these differences, MPC-BE has maintained a user-friendly interface and ease of use, which makes it accessible to users of all skill levels.

This demonstrates that modern media players can offer a wide range of advanced features while still being easy to use and accessible to all users.

Its system requirements include a CPU with SSE capability and the latest DirectX 9.0c runtime.

Changes to MPC-BE 1.6.6:

- Added option to select preview renderer.
- Fixed placement of a vertically stretched frame in the preview window.
- Additional tracks will no longer appear in the list of recent Windows files.
- Reduced the chance of false positives when moving a window by the video area.
- Added saving the current position after a 5 second pause.
- Added the ability to change the maximum number of entries in the history.
- Various interface fixes.

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