ffvfw 20031028
  Last update: 1 Jan 2004 | License: Freeware | Size: 1.1MB | Downloads: 295559
ffvfw is a codec based on Video for Windows and DirectShow. It uses the libavcodec library from the ffmpeg project for compression and it offers support for several other compression libraries, too.


The last version of ffvfw, 20031028, has been launched more than a decade ago and it is outdated.

It offers support for MPG1 and MPG2 FOURCCs and it works with the following file formats: WMV, MPEG1 and MPEG2.

ffvfw supports various compression methods: MPEG 4 compatible (Xvid, DivX 4, DivX 5) using libavcodec or XviD; Divx 3 compatible, MSMPEG4v2, MSMPEG4v1; WMV1/7, WMV2/8; H263, H263+; HuffYUV in YV12 colorspace; MJPEG; MPEG 1; Theora (support for this format is limited); MPEG 2 by using mpeg2enc code from MJPEGtools project; all Windows Media Video 9 supported encoders with output including ASF, WMV and AVI.

The most common encoding modes are supported with ffvfw: fixed quantizer, constant bitrate, fixed quality, two pass encoding etc.

Other advanced options you can enjoy by using this codec are detailed selection of motion estimation method (for libavcodec and XviD), selectable compression of starting and ending credits, the ability to use the libavcodec internal two pass code, selectable interlaced encoding, support for MPEG 4 quarterpel and GMC, image preprocessing with ffdshow image filters, second pass simulation which helps tweaking advanced curve compression parameters, decompression and graph during encoding if the encoding program doesn’t provide it.

In spite of its complex and useful features, this build is outdated (its last version was released in 2003) and it cannot provide support for the latest formats. Unless you need to open files compatible with this codec, it is recommended to look for an up-to-date application.

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