DivXRepair 1.0.1
  Last update: 11 Feb 2006 | License: Freeware | Size: 424KB | Downloads: 83803
With DivXRepair, corrupt DivX and AVI files are no longer a problem. It detects and removes bad frames, leaving your video files perfectly functional.


You need DivXRepair if you have noticed on your video files one of the following symptoms: the image freezes suddenly while the sound keep playing or the image is distorted by blocks of pixels.

The causes of such glitches are undecodable or freezing frames and DivXRepair eliminates these bad parts in no time.

Furthermore, DivXRepair is very easy to work with. Use the Add File option to add one or multiple AVI files in the list and simply click on Repair files. The bad frames are cut and the video file is reassembled, so the video player opens it without any errors.

DivXRepair creates a new file and it does not replace the original. After repairing, it generates a report on the actions it has performed.

DivXRepair is a very basic program, its interface is minimal and it only has three buttons: add files, repair and empty the list of videos. It needs a low amount of system resources to work and it does its job with minimum interference from the user.

This application has not been developed for years and it does not guarantee that all corrupt AVI files will become functional after repairing them in DivXRepair. In some cases, it may fail to process the video.

Nevertheless, DivXRepair is worth giving it a try. In many cases, it will be able to repair your videos and get rid of frozen frames and glitches. It won’t do wonders, but at the same time it may represent a fast and simple solution for many multimedia users.

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