1Click DVD Copy
  Last update: 15 Jul 2021 | License: Shareware | Size: 7MB | Downloads: 69342
1CLICK DVD COPY 5 helps you copy DVD movies fast and easy.


You will obtain perfect copies due to the CPRx error correction technology and you will enjoy a variety of useful features.

1Click DVD Copy is equipped with an integrated burn engine, it uses CPRx technology to copy new movies, it can copy just the movie or include the extras too, it is able to copy episodic DVD movies and TV series, and it copies DVD movies to one disc so you don’t need to split the video.

Moreover, this application supports Dual Layer media and NTSC and PAL DVD movies. Due to the free software updates and technical support you are offered for an entire year, you will always be able to copy the latest movies.

At the first sight, 1Click DVD Copy seems a basic tool. The copying process is simplified and beginners won’t have to deal with advanced options. Power users won’t be disappointed either. By accessing the options menu, you will find all the settings you need to create a perfect copy.

Thus, you can include subtitles and movie menus or skip them, you can choose the languages available in the copy and you will be able to choose what extras and episodes from the DVD to include. Other configuration options you can control are the burn speed, the CRPx error correction and the DVD-R write mode.

1Click DVD Copy needs around one hour to copy a DVD to your computer.

Apart from its versatility which makes it suitable for beginners and power users as well, 1Click DVD Copy offers another major advantage: it is able to copy DVD movies containing bad sectors or bad DVD structures.

Many new DVD movies are created like this to prevent copying, and 1Click DVD Copy is able to overcome this obstacle.

Changes in 1Click DVD Copy 6.0.1:

- CPRx Version 1162: Updated for new movies.

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