DxO PhotoLab 7.1.0

DxO PhotoLab 7 is the most advanced photo editing software on the market for color — creatively, technically, and at every step of the workflow.
DxO PhotoLab allows photographers to get the maximum quality from their RAW files while offering a bunch of creative control.

PhotoLab 7 lets photographers calibrate images directly within the interface. Working with industry-standard color checker charts, this workflow ensures perfect color rendering from the moment of capture and ensures a calibration pathway that is second to none.

Changes in DxO PhotoLab 7 :

- Color calibrating your workflow has never been easier
Guarantee perfect color rendering from the moment of capture with maximum efficiency using DxO PhotoLab 7’s new color calibration tool. Simply include one of six industry-standard color checker charts in frame and then use the overlay tool to create a scientifically precise color profile.
- Get cinematic with LUTs and DxO Styles
LUTs (Look-Up Tables) offer new creative color options, quickly shifting hue, saturation, and luminance across a photo to give your work a distinctive feel. Use one of 17 preinstalled LUTs or import your own to apply a new look in an instant. In addition, choose from several DxO Styles to give you a more distinctive starting point for your edits.
- Use ColorWheel within local adjustments
Color editing has never been more precise now that PhotoLab’s intuitive ColorWheel tool is available as a local adjustment, giving you more control over HSL than ever before.
- The definitive monochrome workflow
Alongside a new tab to switch to monochrome and a host of new film renderings, PhotoLab 7 introduces a 6-channel mixer for complete tonal control across your black-and-white images.
- A cleaner, smoother interface
Local adjustments now slot more smoothly into your workflow, having been moved to their own palette in the side panel. Not only do you get a cleaner view of your image, but there’s greater precision when dialing in your changes, and managing your local adjustments has never been easier.
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