Google VP8 Video Codec 1.2.0

Updated: 14 Sep 2011 | Freeware | 534KB | Downloads: 36380

Google VP8 Video Codec (also called WebM) is a codec created by On2 (a company purchased by Google and well-known for its VP3, VP4, VP6 and VP7 video codecs) which gives similar compression rations and quality than the H.264 video codec.
Even though the Video for Windows driver framework is now several years old, several modern video editing tools still use extensively, such as - VirtualDub.

I wanted to be able to compress videos using standard AVI containers, therefore I decided to wrap the VP8 library around a Video For Windows driver. The version here was derived from the Xvid Video For Windows driver, and is fully functional.

Features of Google VP8 Video Codec 1.2 :

- Compiled with the optimized Google VP8 library
- Includes most color space conversions supported by the Xvid codec
- Uses several threads on multi-core processors
- Encoded files can fully be decoded with FFMPEG as well as VLC
- FOURCC used is VP80

How to install Google VP8 Video Codec :

You need to have administrator rights, simply right-click on the vp8vfw.inf file and choose the install option.

Known Issues :

Because of how the VP8 library is designed, that one more call to the library must be done
to get the full statistics packets even after all frames are processed (NULL parameter of vpx_codec_encode()),
therefore 2-pass encoding will not work on software that use the Video Compression Manager without setting
a valid framecount using the ICM_COMPRESS_FRAMES_INFO.

The following software has been tested:
- Corel Videostudio Pro X3 -> OK in all modes.
- Adobe Premiere 2.0 -> Fails in 2-pass mode due to the above issue.
- Virtualdub 1.9.10 -> OK in all modes.

Changes in Google VP8 Video Codec 1.2.0 :

- linked against libvpx 0.9.7-p1
- now multi-threaded
- bugfix of crash when input is YV12 or I420


Google VP8 Video Codec 1.2.0
on 04 December 2012, reviewed by: PeterTosch


Works only on 32 Bit Windows, but needs a powerful machine. Excellent quality for Youtube coding.


Google VP8 Video Codec 1.1.0
on 10 April 2011, reviewed by: dw817


For EVERYTHING, live-action, cartoons, anime, and CGI, this video codec totally rocks. It beats the socks off XviD, DivX and WMV by far for small bitrate encodings (128kbps).

The quality is so good it doesn't need filters or video noise to "clean it up" afterwards like DivX and XviD do.

You owe it to yourself to look at this incredible video codec. It is a shame it does not play on my portable devices, compare and see for yourself the seriously improved quality at the same k/sec.

It also has a dirt simple user interface:
K/sec, quality-preset, and whether it's fixed, variable, or 1st/2nd pass.

My only complaint is I've encoded hundreds of videos in XviD now for the past several years and I seriously want to re-encode them all in GV now for the clearly marked improvement in the end video at the same k/sec. Augh ! ☺


Google VP8 Video Codec 1.1.0
on 10 April 2011, reviewed by: Jack


Not really that excellent. DiVX 6.9.2 (Pro) encoding gives me an average of 30fps, XViD 1.3.1 23-25fps, VP8 barely 18fps on the same PC for the same film. Sometimes, while reading reviews, I feel like company employees write them.

Print Google VP8 Video Codec

VP7 codec: is the world's best video compressor.

VP6 codec: is a high-quality, low bitrate video codec that is available for free to personal use.

VP4 codec: was the first codec to achieve full-screen, full-motion, DVD-quality video at under 1 Mbps.

VP3 codec: was the world's most efficient, open source video codec.

WebM DirectShow Filters: package ("webmdshow") allows you to encode and decode VP8 video, and write and read WebM files, all using Microsoft DirectShow.

DirectShow Filters for Ogg Vorbis, Speex, Theora, FLAC, and WebM: installing Open Codecs package you will be able to play those files with Windows Media Player or any other DirectShow application, like Media Player Classic, foobar2000, etc.

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