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Haali Media Splitter 1.13

Updated: 23 Jun 2013

Haali Media Splitter (aka Haali Matroska Splitter) is a DirectShow splitter for .mkv (Matroska), .mp4, .ogg/.ogm, .avi and MPEG TS handling. It has support for almost all Matroska elements is implemented in the core parser library; and for multitrack and multisegment linked and/or concatenated files.
Common problems:

If you have problems with subtitles, close the VSFilter (DirectVobSub), open splitter properties, choose Compatibility-Autoload VSfilter and set it to Yes.

Also, if you have vorbis sound and playback is wrong after seeking in the file upgrade to latest CoreVorbis.

Supported containers :

- Matroska, MP4, AVI, OGG/OGM and MPEG TS

Changes in Haali Media Splitter 1.13 (23.06.2013):

* New Features:
- Added support for more truetype font mime types (application/x-font-ttf, application/vnd.ms-opentype)
- Added support for A_TRUEHD, A_MLP, A_ALAC media types
- Added support for 'twos' uncompressed audio in mp4
- Added support for sampling rates > 48 KHz in mp4
- Added support for E-AC-3 in mp4
- GDSMux can use a full Matroska splitter input filter now
* Fixed items:
- Fixed reading audio tracks from mov files where esds is inside wave box

Matroska Splitter: is a DirectShow splitter filter for the Matroska (.mkv) container format.

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MP4 Input Plugin (for Winamp2/5): decodes .MP4 and .M4A files as well as AAC, PS AAC and the newer HE ACC profile included in Nero...

MP4 Splitter: in order to play MP4 files, you must have MP4 Splitter installed.

mp4UI: is an easy-to-use software for opening, creating and modifying MP4 files.

madVR: is a high quality video renderer (GPU assisted) that can be used with Media Player Classic Home Cinema or any other media player which supports madVR.


Haali Media Splitter
on 14 March 2012, reviewed by: Abolfazl

Thank u for single mkv codec, its working and ok...


Haali Matroska Splitter 11.01.2009
on 19 July 2009, reviewed by: duh

I like to use the haali splitters instead of the ones for Kmplayer.

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