madVR 0.92.11
  Last update: 15 Jan 2018 | License: Freeware | Size: 38.6MB | Downloads: 90498
madVR is a utility tool whose role is to enhance the quality of videos while using a compatible media player.


All you need to do is install this piece of software on your computer and select madVR as your favorite renderer in the media player’s settings.

Among the media players which offer support for madVR we mention MPC-HC, KMPlayer, Zoom Player and Daum PotPlayer.

The main features of this GPU assisted video renderer are high-quality scaling, chroma upsampling, YCbCr to RGB conversion, full 16bit processing queue, gamut & gamma correction for display calibration, and final 16bit processing result dithered down to RGB output bitdepth.

All the actions are performed via GPU shaders and obtaining the highest quality is top priority for madVR.

This application has some limitations as well as capabilities, although in the future updates will probably add more to the features of madVR: it does not support subtitles yet and the DVD playback with navigation menu is only available in XP.

Other features not supported are hardware accelerated video decoding (DXVA) and hardware accelerated deinterlacing (DXVA).

madVR is a tool worth trying for all media enthusiasts who want to get the best out of their video files. Videos have a crispier look and the graphic card works at its full potential so your movies look a lot more like real life.

The latest updates have added new capabilities to madVR:

* added 2 new lower "remove compression artifacts" strengths
* slightly improved "remove compression artifacts" quality at lower strengths
* "remove compression artifacts" now always runs as part of NGU (if possible)
* display bitdepth now defaults to new "auto" setting (read from EDID)
* extended "if there are big black bars, reduce bar size" option range
* render target display is now shown in bold in the settings dialog
* added support for "execute command line on profile switch"
* when OS "HDR and Advanced Color" switch is active, FSE mode is disabled
* removed "exclusive" / "windowed" mode OSD notification
* added "(OS HDR)" vs "(NV HDR)" vs "(AMD HDR)" OSD information
* added downscaling "LL" (Linear Light) information to OSD
* added keyboard shortcut for opening settings dialog (default Ctrl+S)
* added keyboard shortcut for toggling seekbar on/off
* added keyboard shortcut for showing seekbar for 5 seconds
* added keyboard shortcut for toggling debanding on/off vs strength
* added file tag "detectBlackBars=on|off" or "blackBarDetection=on|off"
* added file tag "hdr=on|off" or "transfer=hdr|sdr|2084|709"
* added "battery" profile variable
* added "fullscreen" profile variable, can be exclusive or windowed
* renamed "fseMode" profile variable to "exclusive" ("fseMode" still works)
* fixed: "display" profile variable didn't work properly
* fixed: little "let madVR decide" chroma quadrupling bug
* fixed: screenshots were distorted when using "crop black bars"
* fixed: screenshots in paused state sometimes crashed madVR
* fixed #320: make seeking to start of movie easier with FSE mode seek bar
* fixed #336: madHcCtrl: 3DLUT file path is evaluated for remote instance
* fixed #406: typing in "devices" profiles could jump to other pages
* fixed #481: distorted colors with Y416 input and DXVA processing
* added workaround for subtitle renderer crashes (XySubFilter, AssFilterMod)
* added workaround for PotPlayer OSD render crashes

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