alltoavi 4.53.94
  Last update: 21 Jul 2007 | License: Freeware | Size: 25.1MB | Downloads: 68245
alltoavi represents a simple and fast solution for converting OGM and MKV to AVI, while having access to options such as subtitle, audio track, bitrate, codec, video resizing and so on.


mencoder represents the base of the alltoavi conversion software, and you can utilize either a command-line interface or a graphical user interface for Windows.

Drag and drop functionality is not included and you need to use the file browser to select input files.

On the other hand, batch conversion is possible, which means you will save time and convert multiple files to the AVI format at the same time.

Some options you can use are output directory, filename prefix, audio and video settings (screen size, bit rate, encoder, etc.) and subtitle settings (such as positioning the subtitle manually). Additional options are previewing clips in media players, using Audio Stream Copy and PCM for sound, resampling and no-skipping frames.

alltoavi requires a medium amount of system resources to finish tasks fast and its response time is satisfactory. The output videos have very good image and sound quality.

There are some limitations in this program, too. For instance, you cannot use default settings and you have to set editing options before conversion. The thread priority cannot be modified and you cannot control the amount of system resources the application uses, either.

Furthermore, alltoavi has not been updated anymore since 2007. The last version, 4.53.94, was improved with a fixed installer, added AAC/5.1 support on user’s suggestion and a fixed loading screen among others.

In spite of its lack of updates, alltoavi still represents a good solution for anyone needing to convert OGM or MKV to AVI and to enjoy basic editing features.

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