With Bolide Slideshow Creator software you can make a video slideshow using almost any photo file format, MP3/AAC/WMA/M4A/MP4/OGG audio, and save the video file as AVI, MKV or WMV with up to FullHD resolution!
Your slideshow will look great on every modern TV.

You will fall in love with Slideshow Creator if you:

- got exciting photos and would like to revive sweet holiday/birthday party/ university memories
- would like to make an impressive product presentation for your business partners
- got tired of uploading numerous photos to your website or Facebook page

With Bolide Slideshow Creator you can:

- create MKV slideshow
- create AVI slideshow
- create WMV slideshow
- create video slide show with music free
- create FullHD slideshow

Changes in Bolide Slideshow Creator 2.2.2003:

- added 13 new transition effects, including several 3D ones!
- added an ability to set background color for the individual slides with the right mouse click
- added default background color setting in Options
- added Polish interface translation

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4K Slideshow Maker: is an easy and free app to create slideshows.

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